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Mister Locksmith offers a range of residential and commercial locksmith services in Alamo. We provide lock re-keying, car and house lockout assistance, car key extraction, new lock installation, master key system installation, and other related services. Our goal is to deliver top-quality and punctual locksmith solutions to our customers in Alamo. We take pride in being a trustworthy provider of locksmith services, and we strive to offer our customers the best possible experience. Mister Locksmith provides affordable locksmith services without compromising on quality.


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Mister Locksmith is a reputable and trusted provider of residential and commercial locksmith services in Alamo. We take pride in being a top locksmith company in the area, offering professional and affordable locksmith services to our customers. Our aim is to provide reliable and trustworthy locksmith solutions to our valued commercial and residential clients in Alamo.

Commercial Locksmith in Alamo, NV

Commercial Locksmith in Alamo, NV

At Mister Locksmith, we are committed to meeting your needs and building requirements by providing top-notch commercial locksmith services and security solutions.

Residential Locksmith in Alamo, NV

Residential Locksmith in Alamo, NV

Mister Locksmith offers competitive pricing for reliable and efficient residential locksmith services in Alamo.

Emergency Locksmith in Alamo, NV

Emergency Locksmith in Alamo, NV

At Mister Locksmith, our 24/7 emergency locksmith services are dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to meet all your needs.

Door Lock Replacement in Alamo, NV

Door Lock Replacement in Alamo, NV

Mister Locksmith provides door lock replacement services for residential, commercial, and automotive needs

Lock Repair in Alamo, NV

Lock Repair in Alamo, NV

Whenever individuals need their residential or commercial property or car door locks repaired, they rely on the expertise of the professionals at Mister Locksmith for their lock repair services.

Locked Car Keys in Alamo, NV

Locked Car Keys in Alamo, NV

Mister Locksmith can quickly provide you with car reentry services, regardless of your vehicle's age, if you're experiencing a locked car key problem.

Smart Lock in Alamo, NV

Smart Lock in Alamo, NV

Mister Locksmith offers the best solutions for choosing the appropriate smart lock that suits your needs, whether it's for your residential or commercial property. Smart locks are a modern, convenient, and effective option for enhancing security.

Mobile Locksmith Store in Alamo, NV

Mobile Locksmith Store in Alamo, NV

With Mister Locksmith mobile locksmith services, you can expect round-the-clock assistance for all your locksmith needs, including residential, commercial, and automotive.


Why Choose Mister Locksmith

Mister Locksmith is a licensed, insured, and bonded locksmith company with a great reputation for customer service in Alamo. Our 15+ years of experience in the industry have made us experts in lock rekey, repair, and installation, as well as automobile door lock and ignition switch repair and replacement, key fob battery replacement, and smart locks. We offer a full range of residential and commercial locksmith services, and our many technicians in the area ensure a quick response to any call.

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Mister Locksmith, A Reliable And Professional Locksmith Company, Offers Residential And Commercial Locksmith Services in Alamo.

At Mister Locksmith, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional locksmith services that are professional, efficient, and reliable. With years of experience in the industry, we have assisted numerous individuals with their locksmith needs, whether it be for their homes, offices, or business premises. Unlike your typical Locksmith Company in Alamo, we prioritize providing exceptional service that exceeds expectations. When it comes to hiring a locksmith company, it's crucial to consider their skills and experience in a particular area. Your safety and security are of the utmost importance, so choosing a trustworthy locksmith company is vital. Mister Locksmith is undoubtedly the right and best choice for all your locksmith needs.

Locksmith Services Alamo - NV

Our Locksmith Services in Alamo

  • Locked Car Key Repair
  • Lock Repair
  • 24/7 Lock Repair
  • Smart Lock Repair
  • Locks Rekey
  • Home Security
  • Emergency Lock Repair
  • Door Lock Replacement
  • Commercial Locksmith
  • Residential Locksmith
  • Mobile Locksmith
  • Door Unlock

Emergency Locksmith in Alamo

Losing or misplacing keys and getting locked out of your car or home can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, the experts at Mister Locksmith are here to help. Our responsive and efficient locksmith service is designed to quickly resolve any lock-related emergencies, no matter the time of day. Our team of highly-trained locksmiths is equipped to easily handle all types of locksmith emergencies. Thanks to our Mobile Locksmith Service, we can swiftly come to your location and provide the necessary assistance. Whether you need help with a complex commercial setup or a high-security residential lock, we are here to help. At Mister Locksmith, we are committed to delivering a comprehensive range of locksmith services to cater to your specific needs.

Qualified And Experienced Locksmith in Alamo

At Mister Locksmith, our team consists of highly qualified and experienced locksmiths who are equipped to handle any job related to locks and keys, from Lock Installation to replacement and repair. We have a wealth of experience in solving all types of locksmith-related issues, so you can trust us to handle any situation with ease. Whether you require locksmith services for your home, office, or car, our experienced and trained team is well-equipped to handle the job with ease. If you find yourself in a lockout situation, there's no need to panic. Just give us a call at 775-522-8885, and our team will be at your service promptly.

Experienced Locksmith in Alamo

Specialized Locksmith in Alamo, NV

At Mister Locksmith, we have a team of highly skilled and professional locksmiths who are trained in specific fields of locksmithing. This specialized training and experience enable them to understand how locks can be tampered with and how to prevent such incidents. Our experienced locksmiths offer a wide range of services, including Lock Replacement, installation, master key systems, safe combination changes, electronic locks, and rekeying locks. They can also perform lockout services for both residential and commercial properties. When it comes to your safety and security, it's always crucial to hire a professional locksmith company like Mister Locksmith. Our team is always ready to provide you with the highest level of service and ensure your satisfaction with every job we undertake.

Specialized Locksmith in Alamo

Why Prefer Us For Locksmith Services in Alamo?

Locksmith needs are a common occurrence in any society, but finding a professional and reliable locksmith can be a challenge. Fortunately, at Mister Locksmith, we offer 24/7 Locksmith Services with a team of highly trained and responsive locksmiths. Our team consists of professionals who have received extensive training in their field. We take pride in delivering a professional, effective, and friendly locksmith service, and it shows in the loyalty of our clients, who often call us back for their locksmith needs. Whether you require locksmith services for your home, office, or car, you can count on us to provide prompt, reliable, and trustworthy services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Locksmith Services

As a result of the incredibly small cost of the essential pins in the locks, rekeying is usually much cheaper than obtaining your locks changed. For instance, if your residence has several locks and also each lock has various secrets, which can be troublesome, you might intend to rekey the locks to all match the exact same secret.

To unlock a door without the secret, beginning by obstructing the edge of a charge card between the door frame and the lock. After that, flex the card back towards the structure to require the lock back into the door so it opens.

Yes, a locksmith can open your lock without damaging it, the majority of locksmith professionals utilize a non-destructive way to open your door to get in the building guaranteeing no damages are done to the lock or door.

Definitely. Any person with a bump key or lockpick can open a deadbolt. Bottom line is that if somebody intends to enter your home, they can.

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